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December 2018


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Sr. Mod Application

on Sat Jun 09, 2018 4:19 pm
Position Application

Applying for the role of: Sr. Mod, I'm not here to be a peasant.

Playername: 7318071, purplebag, and many more. I guess you could say im a barrel o monkeys.

Discord (in form: Player#0000): DM me if you want my number.

In-game playtime: 10 hours

In-game rank: Voter

Time zone/country: EST America

Age: Legal enough to hit up yo mama

Qualifications(of any kind): I have electrical certifs and can properly work on residential and industrial wiring. I also can type a solid 61 wpm.

Native language: English

Non-native languages spoken: Swahili

When did you join the community: Before it even existed.

Any previous experience at being a moderator/staff member/Streamer/Builder (Items as applicable): Yeah I was Sr. Mod on Tekkro and something on Republix.

Have you ever been banned from OptoPlex(If yes, please explain why): No

How often are you able to be online on the OptoPlex server: When I get bored and it's late at night.

How would your skills contribute to the community: I am an excellent person all around. My skills could really boost this community to the roof.

Why do you think we should offer you a chance at a place on the team: I'd do better than that witty whitelodge dude and the no temper Blurred.

Any other interests: Casting Couch

Any other games played outside of Tekkit: I really enjoy a good ole game of last one to finish on the biscuit eats it.
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Re: Sr. Mod Application

on Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:14 pm
Upon further consideration, it has been decided to decline your application. Please feel free to reapply in 30 days.
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