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December 2018


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Abuse of powers from 7318071 and _HTID_

on Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:45 pm
7318071 and _HTID_ (mainly 7318071) are both Moderators who have made it look like I used a lot of timers for my HV factory (Please note, a HV Solar factory includes 10=20 different factories, including elec circuits, generators, etc.) I had around 26 timers which I admit was a bit too much so I reduced this down to 12 (I couldn't possibly do it more as I had 12 different times, 14 seconds and 4 seconds, 14 seconds = input, 4 seconds = output), I have quite a lot of screenshots of things like Its_Shez saying I can't defy staff, which is obviously not a rule but more of an ethical issue, 7318071 also muted me for an hour when I tried talking in the main chat about it - censorship. No one on this server will have 1 timer for every factory, that's just stupid, something will eventually go wrong. Also, 731 told me to use red alloy wires, and jacketed wires (practically the same thing) even though it says in /rules i'm not allowed to. I have around 10 screenshots of a lot of conversation, espeically targeted hate mainly from Kravish and 731.Even one of them were so apposed to my HV factory that they tried advertising theirs whilst trying to "take-down" mine.
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